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Foot To Floor -  this version features Steve D on piano, Steve H on vocals and Tim Lake on synths. Recorded and mixed @ Woodstock Studios. A live version exists on YouTube

Miri's Nation - written way back in 1981, this song saw its first public performance at their charity concert in 2009. This recording is taken from their recent live session at Old Millmeads in Sussex. A YouTube version exists at

You May Wonder - another offering from the Old Millmeads session, 'You May Wonder' was written a couple of years ago. It started as a "doodle" on Steve D's piano and was completed that same afternoon!  The terrific oboe solo is in fact Tim on synth.  Tim also provided the engineering and mixing for this track (and the other Old Millmeads songs)

Blood On Ribbon White -  'Blood' began as a phrase suggested by Steve D's wife Margaret and, taking inspiration from something else Steve H had written, Steve D came up with the piano introduction and the rest just flowed! SH worked on the rough version during the next couple of weeks and came back with complete lyrics and a suggested ending and, within an hour of playing it to the band, POLAR4 had laid down this version at Old Millmeads.  Worth mentioning are the harmonies courtesy of SD, Pete and Matt and the fact that SH plays rhythm guitar.

Love You Forever -
their 2008 UK songwriting entry that reached a semi-final position, 'Love You Forever' was written in half an hour one saturday afternoon a couple of years ago as the boys waited for Tim to set up his recording equipment to record another of their songs!  It was the first time anyone had been around to witness the Steves at work actually creating a song from scratch. This was recorded with just the piano and the Steves on vocals.

Somehow Closer (to You) - the other 2009 semi-final UK Songwriting entry, 'Somehow Closer' is one of their strongest ballads to date. This recording is a very basic one however, done as it was on SH's ZOOM H2 hand-held recorder with just the two of them and SD's acoustic piano - literally 2 days before the competition's closing date! One day they'll record it properly!! 

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