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 Peter White & POLAR4

Yes, POLAR4 is also the songwriting of Steve Davies, Steve Hutchinson AND Peter White!

Steve and Steve are delighted that Pete joined with them between 2011 and 2013 - he's a terrific musician with a keen ear for arrangements and in those 2 years added an extra dimension to the POLAR4 output. We don't rule out the possibility that Pete may work with us again either - but clearly he's an in demand musician so it'll be a case of when the three of us can meet up! In the mean time, we wish him well in his other musical projects.
  For the record, Steve, Steve & Pete wrote over half a dozen songs together - including a Christmas follow up to 'The Stars Are Out Tonight' called ' FLYING HIGH' - still available from Amazon and other online shops PLUS it's on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILtqxT2h3AY

 YES...POLAR4 on YOUTUBE!  Yes, it had to happen sometime - check out the footage of the band playing Miri's Nation on YouTube
We also have another video -  "Foot To Floor"  -
so do give it a look/listen!

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